Silky Diram Serpentine

Details: LAQ ~ Essential (2.5) Saga New Release ** DIRAM **  Savina Turban New Release ** DIRAM ** SAVINA Blouse Honey Motif New Release ** DIRAM ** SAVINA Large Pant – Black New Release MG – Necklace – LoveBug – Long MG – RING – Roho booN ARK554 hair blonde (modified!) !.RR.! KenzuFur-Black Scene: ** DIRAM ** BLAKE Clutch – Black <kal rau> Key chain_V.I.P Members Gift HaruMotors HM BM Z-4 Black !.RR.!RoyaltyBrief(Rope) Location: Neva River, Private sky Vile, my home♥ Love♥ Neva  Read more

Dont look for it, cause it will find you…

Dont look for it, cause it will find you… Love, good things come to those who wait. Met with a bff and we spent hours combing the streets, we had lots of laughs, small stories that has passed.   As we jumped from one cafe to bar, i wish i knew where you are, because you clouded my mind, gift you left was desire..  Styling: Skin Glam Affair – Roza Basic – Jamaica New Release  Glam Affair Cassiopea Cosmetics – Freckles A&BRead more

Feels like it’s over…

Clary wears: Skin [ PXL ] FAITH LT New Release [LeLutka]-SWISH hair/Dark Brunette LaGyo_Mother’s pearl big ring LaGyo_Mother’s pearl earrings all available at Collabor88 New Release (Kunglers) Loulou dress – Paris New Release :FANATIK: Bare Feet Tiptoes New Release Neva wears: Skin: –Belleza– Lily V1 Tan 0 La Penderie de Nicole::My Onyx Studs Dress:: New Release La Penderie de Nicole::My Squared Diams Earring::Silver New Release La Penderie de Nicole::My Sequin Clutch:: New Release booN ARK554 hair&hairbase blonde :FANATIK: Bare Feet Tiptoes New Release Poses by Del May Location – Crystall Dunes, myRead more

New! Baiastice for Vintage Fair 2012

Styling: Baiastice_Lian Mesh Longuette Skirt-black for Vintage Fair 2012 Baiastice_Corsage Mesh Halter-neck Top-black for Vintage Fair 2012 Skin: –Belleza– Lily V1 Tan 0 *booN KOM372 hair gold/blonde/sandy *booN hairbase blonde Slink Mesh Lids and Lashes Maxi Gossamer – Rings – Roho – Gold Maxi Gossamer – Earrings – Roho – GOLD – Shoes Rose – / REDGRAVE Pose by Del May (modified) Scene: DIGS – Reclaimed Timber Dining Table – Square BP* Falling glass Love♥ NevaRead more

[LeeZu!] Mali Dress

Close up   Annan♥ – =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Moelleux” Orange Browns NEW Release! [LeeZu!] Mali Dress /india NEW Release! Skin: –Glam Affair– Leah Tan – 02 Zaara : Urvi chandelier Earrings *color* Neva –  [Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Caramel – Smoked [LeeZu!] Mali Dress /beige NEW Release! booN KBO906 hair&hairbase blonde (Kunglers) Perola  – earrings – golden & abalone Location – my Groove♥ Thank you adorable Annan for such a funny time!!!=****** Have a wonderful day lovies, xoxo=** NevaRead more


Credits: Skin: :::Bar:::*LightSkin*J2 by by JeSyLiLO (Lilo Glom) NEW Release!!! Hair: UHP502 hair blonde by booN (boo Nakamura) Suit: Combinaison Douce /beige by LeeZu!  (leezu.baxter) NEW Release!!! Bungles: Origem Bangles by { Magenta } (thereaver.barrymore) NEW Release!!! Pose by Del May Location Neva River Sim (designed by Wendy Xeno), will be opened SOON! Have a wonderful week, Love♥ NevaRead more


Credits: Skin:  Leah MedTan – 09 BL by Glam Affair  (aida.ewing) NEW Release!!!  Hair: UHP502 hair blonde by booN (boo Nakamura) Headpiece: Peonies headband aqua by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) Dress:  *Balloon* Dress Black-Blue by *LpD* (Nevery Lorakeet) NEW Release!!! Top: Nadja Jacket by LeeZu!  (With Difference) Necklace: Chunky pearl necklace *black & white by .+*AA*+. (aya Huldschinsky) Pose by Del May Scene: my home♥ Kisses, Neva=**Read more

NEW! DollSkin by *JeSyLiLO*

Credits: Skin: DollSkin J2 by by JeSyLiLO (Lilo Glom) NEW Release!!! Eyes:  Scenic Eyes Collection – Azure by glow studio (anemysk.karu) Eyelashes: 2011 lashes/long/touch by [LeLutka] (Thora Sharon) Hair: QPT129 hair blonde by booN (boo Nakamura) Flower mix headbend by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) Suit: kyra.suit.cabaret by celoe (ShaySibirian) NEW Release!!! Hands: de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed by SLink  Pose by Del May Scene: Trees&grass by HappyMood (sasaya kayo) Love♥ Neva Read more

NEW!!! Lana Mesh Outfit by Baiastice

Hello hello Everybody! Yesterday Sissy Pessoa sent me her NEW Lana Mesh Outfit, this is so beautiful, I simply fell in love with it! It goes in 6 wonderful colors and available now in Baiastice Store, you can try demo and choose which color suits you more!!:) Grab your limo here! Credits:  Skin: IT Girls – Wixon Summer – by ITGIRLS (annie.jolifaunt) Teeth: from pack with Bella skin by *REDGRAVE* (Emilia Redgrave) Freckles: Part of {Tan} Blessa: Sun Kissed by tb (Julliette Westerburg) Eyes: Deep Sky Eyes (Desert Dawn) by Mayfly (arkesh.baral) Eyelashes: 2011 lashes/long/touch by [LeLutka] (Thora Sharon) Hair: WMO003 londe by booN (boo Nakamura) Dress: Lana MeshRead more

The Thieving Magpie by Chrysalis

Credits: Skin: Vanity skin – Tone Med 01  with hairbase by Glam Affair  (aida.ewing) NEW!!! Available at Festival of Sin Hair: KGI848 hair chocolate by booN (boo Nakamura) Dress: The Thieving Magpie by Chrysalis (Kristine Lowey) NEW!!! Scene:  Tree&grass by by HappyMood (sasaya kayo) NEW!!! Love♥ NevaRead more


Credits: Skin: *Uma* Vintage Natural Lips by by *LpD* (Nevery Lorakeet) NEW!!! Hair: WMO003 londe by booN (boo Nakamura) Coat: *Imagine* Coat and Dress Hope by *LpD* (Nevery Lorakeet) NEW!!! Top: Lace Crop White by {mon tissu} (Anouk Spot) Tights: Sisley Sky by Kyoot (saeya.nyanda) for COLLABOR88 NEW!!! Necklace: Pieces of the past by Yummy (Polyester Partridge) Earrings:  Floral Dangle by Yummy (Polyester Partridge) Boots: Rigged Wellington in Green by Gos (gospel.voom) NEW!!! Available now at FFL  Bag:  Flowers Bag by *LpD* (Nevery Lorakeet) Pose by *EverGlow* NEW!!! Scene: House ratio fractus by Nordari (jordan.giant) NEW!!! Available at EPOCH LEGEND small wooden stool by iTuTu (Kao Sands) vanila accoustic – antique flower by ::{u.f.o}:: (charming.meiler)  for COLLABOR88 NEW!!! Tree by by HappyMood (sasaya kayo) Love♥ NevaRead more


Hello hello Everybody! Today I want to show you this fit, it was inspired by: ~ amazing *Star of Ballet* Shoes from Nevery Lorakeet, she just relesed it  for For Themeory and ~ wonderful StreetBallerina Skirt from LeeZu! Look at pic below, hope you will like it!♥ Credits:  Hair: BNG331 hair blonde by booN (boo Nakamura) Hairbase: gathered lower hairbase blonde by booN (boo Nakamura) Skin: IT Girls – Wixon Summer – by ITGIRLS (annie.jolifaunt) Ring: double Perlyn by NHA! (kyrha Bouscario) NEW Release!!! Top: black bustier by Milk Motion (Marie Lauridsen) NEW!!! Available at EPOCH LEGEND Skirt: Nadja StreetBallerina by LeeZu!  (With Difference)Read more


Hello my dearest! Here I am with new releases from Giz Seorn – she created amazing dress VALENTINO InspiratioN, it goes in 3 different colors: Beige, Black and TerraCotta and fantastic Audrey PlateauHeels from Emilia Redgrave. Look at thouse pictures below, hope you will like them!:) Credits: Hair: ARK554 hair blonde by booN (boo Nakamura) Hairbase: gathered lower hairbase blonde by booN (boo Nakamura) Skin: IT Girls – Wixon Summer – by ITGIRLS (annie.jolifaunt) Necklace and earrings: Black Pearls by Paper Cuture (Cora Lu) Dress: VALENTINO InspiratioN [Beige] by GizzA (Giz Seorn) NEW RELEASE!!! Heels: Audrey2 – PlateauHeels by *REDGRAVE* (Emilia Redgrave) NEW RELEASE!!!Read more


Hello Everybody! Today I wanna show you new release from LeeZu – wonderful Sophia Dress, it goes in 7 amazing colors, hope you will like it as I did!:) Grab your limo to LeeZu main store here!♥ Credits: Skin:Wixon Pale – by ITGIRLS (annie.jolifaunt) Eyes: Scenic Eyes Meadow  Shadow by by glow studio (anemysk.karu) Freckles: Part of {Tan} Blessa: Sun Kissed by tb (Julliette Westerburg) Hair: IAH431 hair blonde by booN (boo Nakamura) Dress: Sophia Dress /graybrown by LeeZu!  (leezu.baxter) NEW!!! Necklace: Black Tahitian Pearl by Maxi Gossamer NEW!!! Ring: Granny Ring by Pepper by Pepper (Danni Pfeffer) Bangle: BLOOMING RUST BRACELET by KOSH (Lynaja Bade) Bag: damsel basket bag by TokiD (MayaRead more

Glam Affair – Vanity skin

Credits: Skin: Vanity skin – Tone Med 01  with hairbase by Glam Affair  (aida.ewing) NEW!!! Available at Festival of Sin Eyes:  Deep Sky Eyes (Desert Dawn) by Mayfly (arkesh.baral) Hair1: Warrior – Monochrome by epoque (vintage.mcmillan) Hair2: KED937 hair black by booN (boo Nakamura) Collar: Collar C by Glam Affair  (aida.ewing) NEW!!! Available at Festival of Sin Hands: de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed by SLink  Pose by Del May Scene: illusionist lamp by vespertine (amelie.knelstrom) NEW!!! Available at EPOSH LEGEND Love♥ NevaRead more