Glam Affair – Lilith – new

Styling: Glam Affair – Lilith – Jamaica – Clean BL, eyebrows shape 03 New Release Glam Affair – Freckles B – part of Cassiopea Jamaica DRIFT – Serengeti Top Faun New Release Magika [Hair S] Draw All accessories by KOSH *League* Nomad Skirt with Tassles -Beige/Floral (iTuTu) flower basket Pose by :: Focus Poses :: New release Location: Crystall Dunes – my homeRead more

~Collecting chairs~ for Inspiration Book Vol 1

Hello my dearest! Today I want to show you my chairs set I made for  Inspiration Book, Vol. Nr I SL Interior Forecaseis. Have a look at pic bellow, hope you will like it!!:) (click on pic to see it in original size) Details: DECO – Greenhouse* Picnic & (pda) Autre-moeurs chairs *Y’s HOUSE* Garden High Stool 001(WP) *Y’s HOUSE* Garden Stool 003 (WP) :CP: Zachary 23 Chair (iTuTu) bent wood chair V2/ old UrbanizeD – Bench “Minimal” C ( 3 Seats ) – Neutral Mix UrbanizeD– BenchRead more

~Garden Party~ for Inspiration Book Vol 1

Hello lovies! Today I’m continuing to show you my work I did for  Inspiration Book, Vol. Nr I SL Interior Forecaseis. Have a look at those pictures bellow, hope you will like them!!:) Beach View House 115 prims by  L2 Studio Easel-Blackboard&Eraser+Chalk_4prim [N-white] by *~MMG’s~* Railroad tie-Long_mix gray *~MMG’s~* lace canopy – antique by Picnic {what next}  Charlotte Lantern {what next}  Hampton Night Light Lamp {what next} {what next} Bicycles The Tea House Table – ver.1 long by Turnip’s [*Art Dummy!] salvaged. (chairs in cream) (Fluke) Chic CafeRead more

~Pure theme~ for Inspiration Book Vol 1

Hello my dearest friends, finally our first issue of Inspiration Book, Vol. Nr I SL Interior Forecaseis is online!! This is not a traditional SL magazine, fully devoted to SL Interior Design and will be published 4 times a year and will hopefully inspire people to discover more about amazing SL design. You will find there everything about interior, garden and prefab designers, texture artists, customers/shoppers. See here your guide to SL’s stylish future ! :) And I want to show you myRead more

Neva River Sky City – my place

House *Y’s HOUSE* OMISE001 (MODIFIED!) Tredpro Security Camera 1 Astaro KYOTO – Industrial Electrical Box ~Dirty Deeds~ Floor Sign – Caution Slippery Floor Trees by 3D TREES Privacy Fence B (Birch) by The Domineaux Effect Picnic & (pda) Autre-moeurs chairs Atelier Kreslo [*Art Dummy!] salvaged. (chair in cream) *Y’s HOUSE* Round Chairs *Y’s HOUSE* Iron Center Table L2 pots for bamboo orange glaze *Y’s HOUSE* Display Stand [Garden/OW] *atmosphere works* watering pot Mesh Broom Textured by DYP FURNITURE Tiki Tattoo – Round Terracota pot plant&Terracota  Pot / SansevieriaRead more

Living at Groove*, partII

House:  Zapallar Renovation by Lindini2  (modified inside) NEW Release!  The Loft– Castara Kitchen Sink Unit, Castara Stove :CP: Thompson Kitchen Fridge, Shelf, Hood- parts of  Thompson Kitchen The Loft- Castara Shelf  2 Accessories by  Dutchie, *atmosphere works*,  (iTuTu), POST, Picnic, Gos, :CP:, DAHaus, [what next] , Stuff Store [LeeZu!] Studio Blinds Mesh The Loft– Castara Lighting *Funky*Junk*  Braided Rug :CP:Thompson Kitchen Stools [*Art Dummy!] salvaged. (chair in cream) (iTuTu) bent wood chair V2/ old-A Dutchie distressed cupboard filled DIGS – Milton Couch – Ash La Galleria  LG Rug – Antique Floral Red and Gold  SculptedRead more

living at The Grove/part I

House:  Zapallar Renovation by Lindini2  NEW Release!  Green Ivy by UrbanizeD  mesh box by Dutchie  buckets large by *atmosphere works* rain boots / khaki by (iTuTu) [Display] Baskets  (wool-ivoly + leather), bench by *Y’s HOUSE* planter-03-m by (iTuTu) Dog by ZOOBY    Frost Stool – Cream by DIGS table and garden stuff by (iTuTu) Display Stand by *Y’s HOUSE* Oriana Raw Wood Stool by The LOFT Dog by ZOOBY  bent wood chair V2/ old by (iTuTu) 3 herbs, can light, umbrella by Dutchie  Phone (original), Message Pad & Pen – part of Marais Gossip bench by {what next} Sawadee Rug 3 by TA  Bread Basket by LISP Vintage Flashlight [Camo-B] by *Y’sRead more

new! *wishper* by *LpD*

Hello gorgeous! Hope you all enjoing your weekend:) I adore all creations from Nevery Lorakeet, she has such a unique and femenine style and today I want to show you NEW absolutely amazing *wishper* mesh outfit. It is so tender and so pure, I just fell in love with it! It goes in 3 different colors: Beige, Black and White – so perfect for your summer wardrobe!! Grab your limo to *LpD* main store!!:) Also Lindini just released her NEW awesome  BeachRead more


Credits: Skin: *Francesca* Couturier by *LpD* Skins (Nevery Lorakeet) – Natural Frescles Breast 1/Natural Breast 1/NEW! Hair: “Yuri3” (Cat’s eye) by D!va (Marisa Kira) Necklace: Eva Maxi boules necklace sand  by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) Skirt: between the line – universe by ::{u.f.o}:: (charming.meiler) Shoes: day dream ballet shoes  – bird by ::{u.f.o}:: (charming.meiler)  for COLLABOR88 NEW Release! Bangle: SEQUOIA, Part of Prism Sequoia Outfit by +AB+ (sequoia.nightfire) for THE ASHRAYA PROJECT  Top1: Lacey Little Top White by Kyoot (saeya.nyanda) Top 2: Ruffled Shell ~ Pearl by {mon tissu} (Anouk Spot) Hat:  My straw hat by Milk Motion (Marie Lauridsen) paper planter01(M) by iTuTu (Kao Sands) flower basket by iTuTu (Kao Sands) Poses by DelRead more

Beach cottege and Dinning Sets

Credits: White Beach Cottage- NEW DIMENSION by ~BAZAR~ (MODIFIED!) Damage curtains by INK (nontroppo.torii) Antique adult bath,  antique bathroom closet,  dropped dress,  rug creme by Dutchie  (froukje.hoorenbeek) Morgan Pedestal, Bailey Basket, Towel Basket by The Loft (colleen.desmoulins) Shampoo Set by NsB (Emilie Freund) petals and candles by LISP (Pandora Popstar) Credits: White Beach Cottage- NEW DIMENSION by ~BAZAR~ (MODIFIED!) daybed, Meadowbrook Colorchange Adult Chaise Lounge, trunk table, blue stool, poof 2, white tulips in blue pot, yoga mat sand,  lunchbag, coffee and cookies candle in gray vase by Dutchie  (froukje.hoorenbeek) Aphrodite End Table Distressed  Blue,  Aphrodite Coffee TableRead more


Credits: Skin: *Uma* Vintage Natural Lips by by *LpD* (Nevery Lorakeet) NEW!!! Hair: WMO003 londe by booN (boo Nakamura) Coat: *Imagine* Coat and Dress Hope by *LpD* (Nevery Lorakeet) NEW!!! Top: Lace Crop White by {mon tissu} (Anouk Spot) Tights: Sisley Sky by Kyoot (saeya.nyanda) for COLLABOR88 NEW!!! Necklace: Pieces of the past by Yummy (Polyester Partridge) Earrings:  Floral Dangle by Yummy (Polyester Partridge) Boots: Rigged Wellington in Green by Gos (gospel.voom) NEW!!! Available now at FFL  Bag:  Flowers Bag by *LpD* (Nevery Lorakeet) Pose by *EverGlow* NEW!!! Scene: House ratio fractus by Nordari (jordan.giant) NEW!!! Available at EPOCH LEGEND small wooden stool by iTuTu (Kao Sands) vanila accoustic – antique flower by ::{u.f.o}:: (charming.meiler)  for COLLABOR88 NEW!!! Tree by by HappyMood (sasaya kayo) Love♥ NevaRead more

My spring

My dearest friends I’m moving on to another place so lm doesn’t work now!!! Credits: The house concrete hall (modified!) by n-creation (nico200.planer) All trees Fruit collection by *FF* (Zwagoth Klaar) Grass, furni, animals and accessories by: POST (Van Auster) Sculpty Creations Animals (Jon Haskell) Tatty Soup (artificial.gloom) LILITH HEART (lilith.heart) *Y’s HOUSE* (yacchan.clip) Art Dummy! (gala.charron) LISP (Pandora Popstar) North West (Lili Brink) Picnic (nyasyousa.oh) Kopi (surfash.bade) BP* (bettiepage.voyager) VOONER  (vooner.voom) Dutchie  (froukje.hoorenbeek) Noctis  (Yelly donut) Zigana (Nalena Fairey) iTuTu (Kao Sands) INK (nontroppo.torii) The Loft (colleen.desmoulins) 19 MOTORCYCLE (tetuma.kawashima) Little hopper ( EPOSH LEGEND vespertine (amelie.knelstrom) Little Boxes (winston.ackland) napoli (tetuma.kawashima) **If you needRead more


Hello Everybody! Hope you are all great:) So here are new awesome releases last week: Bourbon Hair from Gia Pawpad for A CHIC Back to Black  Event and Paper Cream Dress from Miffyhoi Rosca for TFG, the adorable accessories I’m wearing are from Gyorgyna Larnia. Hope you will like them♥ Here is your Taxi to Back to Black  Event and taxi to TFG, Enjoy! Credits: Skin: Florrie Skin/mekeup/ Summer by ITGIRLS (annie.jolifaunt) Hair: Bourbon – Brown by LoQ Hair for Back to Black Event (Gia Pawpad) NEW!!! Dress: Paper (Cream) byRead more

My cozy home at Neva River Sim

Attantion my dear friends! The Sim is closed now for reconstuction! Thank you for understanding!:)♥ Hello, hello! And again about interiors, you know I am crazy about it! So Im finally finished decorating my little home at Neva River sim and took some pics there. It made mostly in grunge style which I adore and I hope you will like them!♥ Credits: House dark.chocolate by Nordari (jordan.giant) illumination light by MELIA  (alia.woodells) Furni and accessories: POST (Van Auster) Tatty Soup (artificial.gloom)  The seasons gatcha  *Y’sRead more

LolliPop Dress by GizzA

Hello, hello! Here is New awesome release by Giz Seorn! This is absolutelly wonderful LolliPop Dress in floral, black, cream, green, pinky, red and yellow colors. Available now for 400L in GizzA Main Store. Grab your limo here!:)♥ Credits:  Dress:  LolliPop Dress [Floral] by GizzA (Giz Seorn) NEW!!! Skin: Julie Skin LightSkin ton 1, by JeSyLiLO (Lilo Glom) NEW!!! Hair: “Yuri3” (Cat’s eye) by D!va (Marisa Kira) Necklace: long pearl necklace II *white by AA (aya Huldschinsky) Earrings:  tear drop earring gold by AA (aya Huldschinsky) Feet: MeshFeet by Similar Footwear (Simone Bonham) Hands: Real Hands by RedPoly (RedPoly Inventor) Pose by Del May SceneRead more