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Neva wears: -Belleza- Ava Med 0, hairbase New Release Freckles – Glam Affair – Cassiopea Cosmetics MG – Necklace – Granada Filigree Cross New Release for Limited bazaar jewellery  *SoliDea FoliEs* Rifo  jacket New Release Panties – Part of *SoliDea FoliEs* Winter tutu Outfit New Release Pose by Manifeste Boo wears: Belleza–  Cooper Skin Tableau Vivant~ Smolderholder  [Iruco] Pants Vestigium – Samurai left arm only Sinistlye – Rosary Necklace Pose by Morphine Scene: {vespertine– frostwoods skybox/bright} for Cold winter nights hunt New Release TA World Tour SetRead more

*SoliDea FoliEs* Caramella – NEW!

*SoliDea FoliEs* Caramella NEW Release! [LeLutka]-DAISY hair – IdontBleach Flat Bare Feet R by *GA* (Gael Streeter) Pose  by Del May  Scene: House: Beach View House 115 prims by L2 Studio  { ililo } morning chair Cat by ZOOBY (iTuTu) planter-03-m Have a marvelous week lovies!! xoxo=*** NevaRead more

Sunflower by *Solidea FoliEs*

Credits: Skin: :::GroupGiftSkin:::*May by JeSyLiLO (Lilo Glom) Eyes: :::JeSEyes::: Crey by JeSyLiLO (Lilo Glom) NEW Release! Eyelashes: CatwalkLashes_Fantasia_Yellow Butterfly by Miamai (monica.outlander) Dress: Sunflower by *Solidea FoliEs*  (Mila Tatham) NEW Release!  Necklace: Lost Eden Sun Pendant by Maxi Gossamer NEW Release!  Hair: Blush (Mesh) – Honeycomb by !amb. (Lamb Bellic) Hands: de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed by SLink  Pose by Del May Scene: Grass: Part of SkyMoon Environment Pack by Rustica Dog by ZOOBY love♥ NevaRead more

New! White Orchid by *SoliDea FoliEs*

Credits: Skin:  Leah Light 01 D HB by Glam Affair  (aida.ewing) NEW Release!!!  Eyelashes: 2011 lashes/long/touch by [LeLutka] (Thora Sharon) Eyes:  Deep Sky Eyes (Desert Dawn) by Mayfly (arkesh.baral) Outfit: White Orchid by SoliDea FoliEs (Mila Tatham) NEW Release!!! Hair: * AQUARIA*/darkbrown by EMO-tions (Mirja Mills) NEW Release!!! Feets: Similar Bare Feets by Similar (Larisa Tylman) Hands: de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed by SLink  Pose by Del May Scene: Frog by Sculpty Creations Animals (Jon Haskell) Water Lilies by New Trails  (vitrail.illios) and by LILITH HEART (lilith.heart) Love♥ NevaRead more


Credits: Skin: Aurora – Ruby by KOOQLA (Rocketta Haven) NEW!!! Makeup: Splatter Trap – 03 by KOOQLA (Rocketta Haven) Hair: Emo*07(Dark Brown) by Dura (chiaki xue) Dress: Pure – dress by SoliDea FoliEs (Mila Tatham) NEW!!! Headpiece: Taxidermy by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) NEW!!! Available at EPOCH LEGEND Hands: de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed by SLink  Pose by Del May Scene: Trees, grass – all by all by HappyMood (sasaya kayo) Love♥ NevaRead more

Amanda and Mina by SoliDea FoliEs

Hello hello everybody!! Today Stephy and me showing to you New wonderful releases by Mila Tatham, amazing dresses Amanda and Mina. Look at picture bellow, hope you will like them!:)=** Your limo to SoliDea FoliEs at Modavia Fashion Market♥ Credits On Stephy: Hair: booN FTN683 hair blonde by booN (boo Nakamura) Hairbase: gathered lower hairbase blonde by booN (boo Nakamura) Eyelashes: 31 Extralong by REDGRAVE (Emilia Redgrave) Skin:  Daph Pale  by ITGIRLS (annie.jolifaunt) Dress1: Amanda  by SoliDea FoliEs (Mila Tatham) NEW!!! Dress2: Mina by SoliDea FoliEs (Mila Tatham) NEW!!! Earrings:  Xenia earrings by Donna Flora Hands: de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed by SLink Read more

Vessel headpiece by LaGyo

Hello hello! Hope you all  have a wonderful weekend!:) Well guys… you know… I am an awe with Gyorgyna Larnia’s creations and her head pieces are simply amazing! She sent me her awesome accessories recently and I fell in love with all of them! Here is a Vessel head piece, look at pic bellow, hope you will like it!:) Credits: Skin: OlegDouValentine, CreemTon*J9 by JeSyLiLO (Lilo Glom) NEW!!! Hat: Vessel headpiece peacock mustard by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) Necklace:  Eva Maxi boules necklace marble by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) Dress: Devine Dream by SoliDea FoliEs (Mila Tatham)NEW!!! Pose by Del May SceneRead more


Credits:  Skin : Nico Peach makeup1 by Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa) NEW!!! Necklace: Sachin necklace – Lana version by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) for The Dressing Room BLUE NEW!!! Crown: Lana rose by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) for The Dressing Room BLUE NEW!!! Dress: Part of Devine Dream by SoliDea FoliEs (Mila Tatham)NEW!!! Hair: WINDBLOWN III*/brown by EMO-tions (Mirja Mills) Scene: Lana rose crown by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) modified Have a marvelous week beautiful people! Love♥ NevaRead more

Di Sole e D’azzurro by SoliDea FoliEs

New, absolutely amazing outfit by wonderful Mila Tatham – Di Sole e D’azzurro! She is so creative person and I simply adore her unique dresses, hats, shoes and everything! Amazing textures, colors, details – such a  beautiful creations! Di Sole e D’azzurro available also in black version♥ Your limo to SoliDea FoliEs main store or to SoliDea FoliEs Modavia Fashion Marketing :) Credits: Skin: Julie Skin LightSkin ton 1, lips tatoo Gold by JeSyLiLO (Lilo Glom) NEW!!! Outfit: Di sole e d’azzurro by SoliDea FoliEs (Mila Tatham)Read more