We welcome You to Our Imagination.

Location@Isle Of Serendepity, Neva River Sims Scenery: AF English Folly Fanatik Architecture Road VIA APPIA Winter Fanatik Architecture RUINS  Winter Trompe Loeil – Iona Path Light Enchanted Tree Tunnel – Studio Skye 8f8 – Fence, bench Culprit Old England Shoppe     Neva’s complete sim designing. I offer complete sim/parcel building, landscaping and interior design. My skills involve, scenic countrysides, rustic, vintage and realism.   I strictly use existing builds in my sim designs from renowned SL creators. I am notRead more

…Your Neva experience;)

  – Basic homes start at 2500$ weekly, for our premium package contact us inworld.   – Inquiries regarding Neva River Lived-In Homes (rentals), kindly send Bootney Blessed a notecard. Thank you for your interest=)   – I offer complete sim/parcel building, landscaping and interior design. My skills involve, scenic countrysides, rustic, vintage and realism.   Feel free to contact me via notecard, “private message” may be capped.   Here are your LMs, pls Enjoy the Fall – Neva RiverRead more

They keep calling me..

  Scene: Tangled Cherry Arch from Studio Skye New Release Studio Skye Fallen Tree Bridge Sloped  New Release Hayabusa Design Trees by Mitsuko Kytori  Botanical – Arched Log Bridge Botanical – Sword Fern, Sacred Lotus POST: Derry Hill Mission New Release Rustica – Mesh Grassy animals form Zooby Love♥NevaRead more

Down with Worksheets, amidts printables of papyrus wonderwalls♥

Scene: Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Chair with Blanket@Fameshed New Release Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Couch with Blanket @Fameshed New Release Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Wall Illustration@Fameshed New Release Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Pillow Basket@Fameshed New Release Trompe Loeil – Dardon Stone Fireplace and Patio Paver New Release Scarlet Creative Autumn Reclaim Working Table@Collabor New Release AF Woodstock@Arcade The Hole Junk Yard, Broken gate, Posts and side fencing Skye Trees Flowing Leaves from Studio Skye New Release Botanical – Hays New Release Toys@Arcade PILOT – Cookie Bar [Cookie Tier]@Arcade -tb- Bon Voyage –Read more

Legs entwined beneath dawns warm sheets♥

Dutchie vintage copper shower, toilet, washstands, classic medicine cabinet – New Releases Dutchie towel on the ground Trompe Loeil – Cobble Hill Bed Brown Frame CH Fabrics, Bench w/Blanket Brown Wood, Cobble Hill Rug –  New Release available at  FAMESHED MudHoney Addison Chandelier – white New Release MudHoney Woven Basket – Natural and dolls Dutchie iron cast bain de bateau adult DIGS – Morris Chair – White [MESH] New Release The Loft – Pillow Holder Beach New Release TA Newspaper House –  Mesh – Scarlet Creative For Edi (MODIFIED!) New Release Wall and floor texture by StudioRead more

Life with Mermaids♥

Scene: [Breno] ‘The Vinery’ glass barn (Grimey) [we’re CLOSED] trees, old shack, old shed, wild flowers, lazy chairs, cafe chairs, rock mossy [we’re CLOSED] floor cushion Coming SOON Culprit Zen Stone Tub, Stone Candle Desert New Release available at  FAMESHED Dutchie sequenced yoga mat New Release Dutchie stack of towels, spa necessities, towel on the ground Zigana Cupped chair . fun with science, antique abacus New Release :CP: Simple Easel – Dark New Release available at  FAMESHED Skye Log Bridge (mossy) by Studio Skye New Release forest brushwood, mossy ground by 3D Trees Taken at Life with Mermaids, Annan♥ and mine’s home Terraforming by WendyRead more

Take me by the hand, take me somewhere new…

Neva wears: -Belleza- Ava Tan 0 tram  C426 hair / amber New Release Baiastice_Karen Scarf-grey New Release available at  FAMESHED [monso] My First Jeans – Dark Blue New Release available at  FAMESHED LaGyo_Wishbone necklace silver :FANATIK: Flipflops New Release {mon tissu} Oversized Shirt Gray Pose by Del May (modified**) Boo wears: Belleza – Eric Tan BBB 2 Chronokit Painter Sarouel Pants Denim Blue New Release Vestigium arm tats “Samurai” (fd) Marie Grayscale 3 Hair Flow T-Shirt U-neck Ethnic Entente – Gregoire, glasses Pose by DelRead more

Reaching deserved rest, sanctified fully. Fixed eyes towards endless thoughts of journey..

Scene: [we’re CLOSED] daybed brown pillows, canopy white, birdcage, fire bowl, carpets, poufs, candle lanterns, tray, coffee cups, lamps cloth, shrubs beachy New Releases, Coming SOON [we’re CLOSED] wild flowers Skye Cliff, Skye Gnarled Mountain Cherry from Studio Skye New Releases TA Travel Guide, Sandalwood, Coffee Sack, Italian Cafetiere Baiastice_Huge Brim Hat-natural Love♥NevaRead more

Do you remember the day when our journey began..♥

Neva wears: Magika Hair Rewind GizzA♥ – Henna Fragrant Dress [Clean Red] Boo wears: (fd) Marie – Grayscale 3 DECO – MESH jumpboots (dirt) Deadwool Duster coat Pose {.:exposeur:.} Trying To Hold On, New Release for Pose Fair Scene: Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel by Studio Skye New Release Skye river rocks by Studio Skye Botanical – Mesh Wooden Cart (Tuscany) FLECHA vagabond stick bag   Love♥Neva  Read more

After long, home is a place where i yearn to belong♥

Scene details: Culprit Edwardia Chair, Bench, Console Table, Heirloom Rug, Frames for Fameshed New Release The Loft – Newcombe Chandelier Sage for Fameshed New Release TA British Tea Set New Release {af} Pillar Table Dutchie book with glasses, antique books, orchid, suitcases The Loft -Meid Casement White New Release – Soon Trompe Loeil – Thrift Store Table Ecru White Fancy New Release Trompe Loeil – Nine cell photo arrangement, Industrial Coffee Table – Song for Fameshed New Release [we’re CLOSED] hanging chair pure New Release The Loft – Wareham Sconce (onRead more

Niche between tress, young leaves bask in the mist.

Me and Boo are very delighted to introduce prior to the extended opening of Neva River Sim, Alex Bader sharpened his pencils once more and worked on a new instalation that blends in well with the current theme. The Enchanted Forrest has rezzed completly and its leafy paths are eager to welcome the first footies and adventurers alike. Breath, skip and ponder, dont hesitate to contact me inworld incase you find easter eggs *winks. Neva♥ Sim landscaping by Alex Baden, Studio SkyeRead more

Heaven knows its got to be this time♥

Neva wears: LAQ ~ Essential (2.5) Saga [LeLutka]–LILLIAN Hair – IdontBleach *ionic* Emily dress  (vintage) New Release DECO MESH Classic Sneaks  (white) Boo wears: Belleza–  Cooper Skin *ionic* The indie flannel (the eraser) New Release !gO! Marten pants&socks black Scene details: Trees, rocks, flowers, grass, bushes – [we’re CLOSED] New Releases Rocks from Studio Skye [we’re CLOSED] pond deck with poses, cafe chairs dark, lazy chair chocolate, park bench, deer chandelier, drowsy chair natural, love sofa chocolate, old crate, projector, old lantern – NewRead more